Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Latest : Absolut 72 变 (Sealed) ---> 700ml

Absolut Vodka, the world’s leading premium vodka, launches its first-ever China Limited Edition Absolut 72 Bian, in collaboration with the Chinese avant-garde artist Gao Yu. To celebrate the release, Chinese top fashion photographer Chen Man created a series of avant-garde photo artworks for this limited edition. Absolut 72 Bian is available in the China market from August 2010. The name Absolut 72 Bian was inspired by the ancient Chinese mythical figure, the Monkey King. Bian means “transform” in Chinese, and refers to the 72 transformations made by Monkey King during the novel Journey to the West. Gao Yu created surreal, cartoon-like features to this classical figure to express a unique and distinctive fusion of traditional and modern art. He gave a traditional Chinese panda the ability to transform himself into the Monkey King amidst smoky red clouds. At the focal point of the design is the words ‘Absolut’ and, in Chinese, ‘72 Bian’ written in distinctive Chinese red reflecting the style of the modern culture. “Monkey King is the ancient mythical Chinese character that people of my age grew up with”, Gao Yu said about his design, “His unrestrained character, boldness and creativity inspired us to explore our potentials. Moreover, the ability to morph into 72 transformations depicts perfectly the character of innovation. By integrating a panda in the costume play of the Monkey King in the design of this limited edition, I was able to effectively bring together the traditional Chinese elements and the innovative brand value of Absolut Vodka.” Chinese well-known fashion photographer Chen Man developed a series of visual pieces exclusively for the release of Absolut 72 Bian and its four cocktails. In order to highlight the Chinese features of the concept and to express the spirit of the Absolut 72 Bian, Chen Man used Asian models for shooting and showcased the different elements of the four cocktails into models’ outfits. Chen Man said that her initial intention on this project was to “deliver a whole new synaesthetic experience for people from visual to taste while watching the artworks. We aimed to show the various cocktail tastes created by Absolut Vodka China Limited Edition as well as to highlight the essence of the brand —— contemporary, bold and creative.” Previous launches – Absolut Second Skin (2005), Absolut Bling Bling (2006), Absolut Disco (2007), Absolut Masquerade (2008), Absolut Mini Bar (Summer 2009) and Absolut Rock Edition (Winter 2009) - were all achieved great success in the market. In 2010, the first-ever China Limited Edition Absolut 72 Bian will redefine the trend of China Chic. The brand is going to release 350,000 bottles exclusively for the Chinese market this August 2010.

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