Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Latest : Absolut Svea (Sealed) ---> 700ml

Finally it's time for Sweden to get a limited edition of Absolut. ABSOLUT SVEA is the name on the bottle that is designed and dedicated to the Swedish domestic market. The effort to find the right partner that felt interesting and which had its own expression was long and resulted in a collaboration with Fred Soderberg, one of Sweden visiting the most interesting artists.

"Our recent special editions has been very appreciated by consumers around the world and have become collectors' items. Now we want to make a trip back to their home country for Absolut, and create something at home that reinforces the origin. The effort to find the right partner that felt interesting enough and lasted long seemed to run out of artist Fredrik Söderberg. Cooperation with Fred feels like clockwork, when he created a story, mystery and a unique expression of ABSOLUT SVEA "says Anne Palmqvist, Brand Manager for ABSOLUT Vodka.

As always when the ABSOLUTELY working with creative partners, faith is strong, not to create limitations or too many frames to keep within. The only mandate was to interpret the "Swedish character". Fred landed in an understanding of how we in Sweden are constantly characterized by large fluctuations between seasons.

"It's been interesting to work with such a great player and to be as present during the whole process from my ideas and sketches to see them realized in the press and the production of bottles in Limmared. It's been a long process and it really feels like we've found the right expression. I have often in my art various references and links to the Old Norse tradition, the approach seemed natural to incorporate the ABSOLUT SVEA "says Fredrik Söderberg.

The front and back represent summer and winter solstice. Around the bottle, you can follow a story line that runs from spring to winter, and just like in the old Norse sagas, the bottle is framed by the Midgard Serpent. The details of the different meanings the viewer is taken on a journey through the Swedish mentality.

The apple is one of the oldest fruit and a natural choice in Swedish everyday life and an expression of Swedish late summer. Ginger Spice as a long and often used in baked goods and is associated with the dark ages on July The combination of these two ingredients gives a warmth and spiciness from the ginger, which meets the acidity and freshness of the apple taste.

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