Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Latest : Absolut Illusion (Limited Edition 2011)

Here you see is 700ml. Based on the success that has characterized previous editions, Absolut Vodka decided to take a new look to its iconic Absolut bottle and created Illusion. With the creativity in your hands, Absolut Vodka, is launching this new version that invites you to play with the unexpected, perspectives and visual effects. Absolut Illusion edition looks like the original bottle, but to find the secret turn: the effect of increasing and establishing a liquid mirror that causes the illusion of floating label inside the bottle. Similarly, the logo of Absolut Illusion seems to be moving when tilt the bottle and looks different from every angle. With this new limited edition Absolut Vodka takes the illusion and distortion of reality as actors, to give life to an edition that challenges the conventional.

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