Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Latest : Absolut Canarinha 50ml (Limited Edition 2010)

Here on display is 50ml & 1 liter. The Swedish vodka Absolut shape wore this famous green and yellow to celebrate the World Cup with Brazil. Those who watch the games in the selected fashionable bars of Sao Paulo and enjoy two caipiroskas be presented with a miniature of vodka ABSOLUT wearing the shirt of Brazil. Anyone with friends and order a bottle of Swedish vodka receive another 200 ml adequately attired in the colors of canary fans. Promotional item by Pernod Ricard during the World Cup game in year 2010 which was held in South Africa. Distributed as a gift in about 10 Sao Paulo bars (Ecco, Dressing, Josephine, Piazza San Lorenzo, Amauri Groceries, Groceries Jockey, Asia 70, the Forest, Bla and others), this second skin was produced in 1 Liter, 200ml and 50ml sizes. The 1 liter edition was specifically given to the bars as a display item, with only 70 (1 liter) made in total. Only the 200ml and 50ml sizes were given out as gifts.

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